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Name Prison Home Gender
g, heather CA CA Female
Gaal, Gary IA IA Male
Gabe, Ivan SD SD Male
GABRION, MARVIN *   Death Row IN Male
Gagne, Stephen NY NY Male
Gailey, Steven GA GA Male
Gaines, Anthony OH OH Male
Gaines, Barton TX TX Male
Gaines, Christopher AL AL Male
Gaines, Gerald IA IL Male
Gaines, Jeffery CA SC Male
Gainey, James MO SC Male
Gainous, De ' Adrian TX TX Male
Gaither, Eric SC SC Male
Galan, John NJ NY Male
Galatowitsch, Mark MN MN Male
Galaviz, Roberto MN MN Male
Galbraith, Sebastian IN IN Male
Galbreath, Stefan 0 MO Male
Galbreath, Stephan MO MO Male
Galdieri, Aaron CA CA Male
Galentine, Jay ID ID Male
Gallagher, David AZ 0 Male
Gallagher, Edward PA PA Male
Gallagher, Michael MD MD Male
Gallanr IV, Leo VA VA Male
Gallardo, Lorenzo AZ AZ Male
Gallegos, Gaylord CO CO Male
Gallegos, Michael TX TX Male
Gallegos, Robert CO CO Male
Gallien, Larry Lynn TX TX Male
Galloway, Anthony SC SC Male
Galloway, Christopher WI WI Male
Galmore, Antonio WI WI Male
Galvan, Michael CA CA Male
Gamble, DeWayne OK OK Male
gamboa, emmanuel AZ AZ Male
Gambone, Gabrielle PA PA Male
Gambone, Vincent PA PA Male
Gambrell, Marvin PA PA Male
Gamino, Ismael TX TX Male
Gandara, Anthony NV NV Male
Gannon, Jeremiah MA MA Male
Gannon, Shane NV MA Male
Ganzhorn, William IL IA Male
Ganzie, Marcus VA VA Male
Garcia, Acencion TX TX Male
Garcia, Alejandro OK OK Male
Garcia, Andrew CA CA Male
Garcia, Angel CA CA Male
Garcia, Carlos AZ AZ Female
Garcia, Christina AZ AZ Male
Garcia, Christopher CA Male
Garcia, Daniel CA CA Male
Garcia, David A KY KY Male
garcia, denise CA CA Female
Garcia, Edward CA PA Male
Garcia, Estevan CA CA Male
Garcia, Frank CA CA Male
Garcia, Gabriel WA WA Male
Garcia, Gary AZ AZ Male
Garcia, Greyston FL FL Male
Garcia, Henry TX TX Male
Garcia, Hilario TX TX Male
Garcia, Hilario TX TX Male
Garcia, Jacob CO CO Male
Garcia, Jeremy CO CO Male
Garcia, Jimmy B. TX TX Male
Garcia, Joe TX TX Male
Garcia, John CA CA Male
Garcia, Jose F. CA CA Male
Garcia, Jose Pedro PA NM Male
Garcia, Joseph MO MO Male
Garcia, Kristian NC NJ Male
Garcia, LeAnn NV NV Female
Garcia, Louis TX TX Male
Garcia, Manuel CA Male
Garcia, Miguel AR AZ Male
Garcia, Nicole CA CA Female
Garcia, Paul AZ AZ Male
Garcia, Richard TX TX Male
Garcia, Ricky CA CA Male
Garcia, Ruby TX UT Female
Garcia, Steven WI WI Male
Garcia, Steven T. CO CA Male
Garcia, Tiburcio CO CO Male
Garcia, Walberto TX TX Male
Garcia-Lopez, Carlos NY NJ Male
Garcia-Miranda, Mario CA MI Male
Gardner, Brian GA GA Male
Gardner, Jeremy AL AL Male
Gardner, Monica SD SD Female
Gardner, Orington IA IA Male
Gardner, Shawn MD MD Male
Gardner, Thomas LA LA Male
Gareh, Jayson NE NE Male
Garfield, Micheal AZ AZ Male
Garland, Gary SC SC Male
Garlick, Mathhew IA IA Male
Garlick, Mathhew IA IA Male
Garlock, Justin ID ID Male
Garlock, Justin ID ID Male
Garman, Allen MD MD Male
garner, billy TX TX Male
Garner, Brian MI MI Male
Garner, Bryan TX TX Male
Garner, Donna MS Male
Garnet, Will MD MD Male
GaRosa, Christine TX TX Female
Garretson, Christopher WV WV Male
Garrett, Albert CO CO Male
Garrett, Cecil TX TX Male
Garrett, Darrell CA CA Male
Garrett, Garfield AL OH Male
Garrett, Isiah PA PA Male
Garrett, James GA GA Male
Garrett, Marcus TX TX Male
Garrett, Robert VA VA Male
Garrett, Robert AZ MO Male
Garrison, Michael MI MI Male
Garrison, William IA IA Male
Garrow, Jon KY IA Male
Garth, Ahman IN IN Male
Garth, Faraji IN IN Male
Garwood , amanda 0 IN Female
Gary, Carlton   Death Row GA GA Male
Gary, Carlton GA GA Male
Garza, Adam TX TX Male
Garza, Alejandro TX TX Male
Garza, Arturo TX TX Male
Garza, Francisco TX TX Male
Garza, isabel TX NM Female
Garza, Jessica TX TX Female
Garza, Jessica TX TX Female
Garza, Jessica TX TX Female
Garza, Joe TX TX Male
garza, marc FL TX Male
Garza, Mathew TX TX Male
Garza, Ricky MI MI Male
Garza III, Eliseo TX TX Male
Garza III, Humberto TX TX Male
Gaskin, Ralph AZ AZ Male
gasser, scott 0 Male
Gaston, Levelle IL IL Male
Gaston , Nicole FL FL Female
Gaston, William AR OH Male
Gates, Andrew CA CA Male
Gates, Bill CA CA Male
Gates, Billy Joe CA CA Male
Gates, Robert CA CA Male
gatewood, michael CA CA Male
Gatewood, Robbin TX TX Male
gatlin, aaron FL FL Male
Gatson, Adrian MI MI Male
Gattis, Leonard NY SC Male
Gaud, Israel NJ NJ Male
Gauna, Alejandro TN TX Male
Gause, Richard AZ AZ Male
Gauss, Michael TX LA Male
Gavin, Ezra IL IL Male
gavin, shahid NC NC Male
Gaxiola, Adelina NV NV Female
Gay, Joshua TX TX Male
Gay, Joshua TX TX Male
Gayles, Frank IL IL Male
Gazie, Donald FL MI Male
Gazie, Donald FL FL Male
Gecht, Robin IL IL Male
Geddes, Scott NY NY Male
Gehrig, Jeffrey FL FL Male
Gehrke, Justin TX TX Male
Gentry, James IL IL Male
Gentry, Jennifer AZ AZ Female
Gentry, Shaundrell NV NV Male
Georgantakis, Nicholas MD MD Male
George, Glen MS CO Male
george, jason OR OR Male
George, Joshua IA IA Male
George, Lawerence WA WA Male
George, Luke OK AR Male
George, Vernon AL FL Male
Gepford, Timmy Lee ID ID Male
Gerac, Terrance TX TX Male
Geralds, Hubert IL IL Male
Geralds, Larry KY KY Male
Gerdon, Michael CA CA Male
Gerena, Anthony NY NY Male
Gerlach, Jeremiah SD CA Male
Gesell, Christopher CA CA Male
Gessel, Shaun OK OK Male
Gestach, Paul MN MN Male
Getsinger, Christina WA WA Female
Gettino, Joseph ID KS Male
Gettys, Phillip SC SC Male
Getz, David PA PA Male
Gianetta, Jason GA CA Male
Gibbs, Joseph SC GA Male
Gibbs, Mark IL IL Male
Gibbs, Michael CA CA Male
Gibbs, Moe ND ND Male
Gibbs, Richard NJ Male
Gibbs, Steve IA IA Male
Gibbs, Todd OH OH Male
Gibney, Brent FL OH Male
gibney, brent OH OH Male
Gibson, Dennis CA CA Male
Gibson, Felicia VA SC Female
Gibson, Gary SC SC Male
Gibson, Jeffrey CT CT Male
Gibson, Johnny KY IN Male
Gibson, Mich NM NV Male
Gibson, Sean Elliot VA VA Male
Gibson, Shotan WI WI Male
Gibson, Steve OH OH Male
Gierisch, Dorman TX TX Male
Gignac, Michael PA MA Male
Gil, Rolando WI WI Male
gil cabrera, bolivar NY NY Male
Gilbert, Brandon TX TX Male
Gilbert, Brian PA IL Male
Gilbert, Nathan OR OR Male
Giles, Cameo TX KS Male
Giles, Justin UT UT Male
Giles, Nathan NY NY Male
Gill, Reena OK OK Female
Gill, Titus WI TN Male
Gillard, Jacob TX TX Male
Gillenwater, Mike MO MO Male
Gillespie, Elihu AK AK Male
Gillespie, Justin FL FL Male
Gillespie, Robert KY KY Male
Gillespie, Ryan OH OH Male
Gilley, Matthew FL FL Male
Gilliam, Dante NY NY Male
gilliam, kenneth CA CA Male
Gilliland, Donny OH OH Male
Gilliland, James VA VA Male
Gilliland, Levi OR OR Male
Gillispie, Michael NM NM Male
Gillispie, Michael NM NM Male
Gillispie, Terry MO MO Male
Gilmer, Tedderick NY NY Male
Gilstrap, Casey WA WA Male
Gilstrap, Shane GA GA Male
Ginn, Richard NC NC Male
Ginns, Michael PA PA Male
ginsberg, craig NY NY Male
Giordano, Larry OK OK Male
Gipson, Thomas SC SC Male
Girimonti, Anthony PA PA Male
Gist, Stephen OK OK Male
Gittens, Gloria CA CA Female
Givens, Carlos AR AR Male
Givens, Eric UT UT Male
Givens, Rodney TX TX Male
givens, willie CA CA Male
Gladney, Jonathon IL IL Male
Gladney, Joshua FL FL Male
Glagow, James AR AR Male
Glasco, Richard NY NY Male
Glasper, Oscar MS MS Male
Glass, Craig WA WA Male
Glass, Timothy NY NY Male
Glatz, Michael PA PA Male
Glaze, William KS KS Male
Glazner, Joseph Matthew GA GA Male
Glenn, Charles PA NH Male
Glenn, Harry NY NY Male
Glenn, Jeremy GA GA Male
Glenn, Richard OH OH Male
Glisson, Jimmy AL AL Male
Glover, DonDiago MS MI Male
Glover, Nathan GA GA Male
Glover, Reginald CA CA Male
Glover, Rhonda TX TX Female
Glover, Richard KY KY Male
Glover, Ryan NC 0 Male
Glowczwski, Thomas CA CA Male
Glueck, Robert CO CO Male
Goad, Roger NC NC Male
Goains, Deneshia TX TX Female
Goble, Richard KY KY Male
Goble, Sean TN TN Male
Godfrey, Anthony AZ WA Male
Godfrey, Christopher TX NC Male
Godinez, Juan Eberardo TX WI Male
Godsey, Nicholas 0 AL Male
Godsey, Robert FL FL Male
Godwin, Arguster MD MD Male
Goehler, William CA CA Male
Goepel , Joseph NY NY Male
Goepel , Joseph NY NY Male
Goh, Jonathan FL FL Male
Gohagen, Brandon MI MI Male
Gohl, Joesph CA CA Male
Goins, MItzi NC NC Female
Goins, Patrick OH OH Male
Goins, Sean PA PA Male
Goins, Steve CO CA Male
Golab, Stan CA CA Male
golden, alphonzo FL SC Male
Goldston, Brandon NC 0 Male
Goldy, Christopher CO IN Male
golner, daniel WI WI Male
gomes, joseph MA MA Male
Gomes, Ronnie CA CA Male
Gomez, Carlos AZ FL Male
Gomez, Carlos M. TX Male
Gomez, Christopher AZ AZ Male
Gomez, David NM NM Male
Gomez, Erica TX TX Female
Gomez, Francisco AZ AZ Male
Gomez, Frederico CA CA Male
Gomez, Jason TX TX Male
Gomez, Michael TX TX Female
Gomez, Ray CA CA Male
Gonsalez, Rafael OR OR Male
Gonsalez, Teodoro CA CA Male
gonzales, alex TX TX Male
Gonzales, Andrew TX TX Male
Gonzales, Benjamin IL IL Male
Gonzales, Benny 0 CA Male
Gonzales, Daniel NV NV Male
Gonzales, Erik Daniel TX TX Male
Gonzales, Evette NV NV Female
Gonzales, Francisco TX TX Male
Gonzales, Gabriel TX TX Male
Gonzales, Gabriel TX TX Male
Gonzales, Jesse CA CA Male
Gonzales, Larry AZ AZ Male
Gonzales, Manuel OR OR Male
Gonzales, Matthew TX TX Male
Gonzales, Nedra 0 TX Female
Gonzales, Nedra 0 TX Female
Gonzales, Orlando TX TX Male
Gonzales, Richard TX TX Male
Gonzales, Rudolph TX TX Male
Gonzales, Tiffany TX TX Female
Gonzalez, Abraham CA CA Male
Gonzalez, Agustin MA MA Male
Gonzalez, Anthony J TX CA Male
Gonzalez, Armando CA CA Male
Gonzalez, Arthur TX TX Male
Gonzalez, Daniel IL IL Male
Gonzalez, Hector GA GA Male
Gonzalez, Hector CA CA Male
Gonzalez, Hector CA CA Male
Gonzalez, Israel NY NY Male
Gonzalez, Jeremiah AZ AZ Male
gonzalez, jessica FL FL Female
Gonzalez, Jorge CA CA Male
Gonzalez, Jose TX TX Male
Gonzalez, Jose Manuel IA IA Male
Gonzalez, JR CO CO Male
Gonzalez, Juan NY NY Male
Gonzalez, Kenneth NY NY Male
Gonzalez, Manuel PA NY Male
Gonzalez, Mark TX TX Male
Gonzalez, Michael FL FL Male
Gonzalez, Miguel FL CA Male
Gonzalez, Miguel CA CA Male
Gonzalez, Muneca CT CT Female
Gonzalez, R. NY NY Male
Gonzalez, Raymond WV NY Male
Gonzalez, Rey NE NE Male
Gonzalez, Teodulo TX TX Male
Gonzalez-Salinas, Jesus TX FL Male
Gonzles, Xavier AZ AZ Male
Good, Teresa FL NC Female
Goodall, Dave NM CO Male
Goode, Dennis MO MO Male
Goode, Hugh CA CA Male
Goode jr., Hugh CA CA Male
Goodlake, Richard CA CA Male
Goodling, Anthony IN IN Male
Goodman, Darrell FL FL Male
Goodman, James TX TX Male
goodman, jesse TX TX Male
Goodman-Rodriguez, James TX TX Male
goodrich, glenn NY NY Male
Goodrich, Randall MI MI Male
Goodside, Shawn SD IA Male
Goodson, Brandon OK OK Male
Goodwin, Christopher FL IL Male
Goodwin, Russell CA CA Male
Goodwin, Ulistine SC SC Male
Gordon, Brent OR OR Male
Gordon, DaVaughnn PA PA Male
Gordon, Ethan FL FL Male
Gordon, Frank OH OH Male
Gordon, Jeffery AZ AZ Male
Gordon, Mark SC SC Male
Gordon, Nadine NC Female
Gordon, Patrick NY NY Male
Gordon, Tony MS FL Male
Gore, David FL FL Male
Gore, Justin TX TX Male
Gore, Justin TX TX Male
Goree, Wayman NY NY Male
Gorman, Rene OK OK Male
Goshorn, Ronald CO OH Male
Gosnell, Kyle IL IL Male
Goss, Toby TX MS Male
Goswick, Robert AL AL Male
Gouge, Joseph NC NC Male
Gough, Benjamin NV NV Male
Gough, Christopher MI MI Male
Gould, Christopher FL RI Male
Gould, David IA IA Male
Gould, Tim CA CA Male
Goulsby, Joshua OK OK Male
Gouse, James PA PA Male
Govan, Kevin IN IN Male
Govea, Salvador FL FL Male
Gowey, Travis GA GA Male
Goyen, Thomas FL FL Male
grabovich, jason OH OH Male
Grace, Nathan NV NV Male
Gracia, Gustavo CA CA Male
Grady, Carter GA GA Male
Graff, Brian ID ID Male
Graham, Billy WA WA Male
Graham, Bryan AZ AZ Male
Graham, Chris MO OR Male
Graham, David IL IL Male
Graham, Fredrick KY MO Male
Graham, Harrison PA PA Male
Graham, James W. MN MN Male
Graham, John TN TN Male
graham, mikia 0 0 Female
Graham, Richard CA CA Male
Graham, Steven FL GA Male
Gramijo Martines, Celso WA WA Male
Granados, Jorge CA CA Male
grandy, victor CA CA Male
Grant, Clinton SC SC Male
Grant, Domonick AL AL Male
Grant, Pamela KS KS Female
Grant, Timothy NY NY Male
Grant, Tina KS MO Female
Grant, Waldo NY NY Male
Grant Jr., Leroy MI MI Male
Grap, James WV NE Male
Graves, Antonio CA CA Male
Graves, Danielle WA WA Female
Graves, Jason TX TX Male
Graves, Jesse CA GA Male
Graves, Kay VA VA Male
Graves, Shawna ID WA Female
Graves, Shon IA IL Male
Gray, Alfred WV WV Male
Gray, Charmeen VA NY Male
Gray, Chris OR OR Male
Gray, David WA WA Male
Gray, Derrick TX TX Male
Gray, Donald OH OH Male
Gray, Joe WI WI Male
Gray, Larry ID CA Male
Gray, Marlon OH OH Male
Gray, Raymond MI MI Male
gray, scott NC OR Male
Gray, Tommy CA CA Male
Gray Jr., William R.   Death Row NC NC Male
Grayson, Darryl DE DE Male
Grayson, Joyann TX TX Female
grayson , nick PA PA Male
Grazulis, Frank PA PA Male
Greathouse, Tony WV SC Male
Green, Alonzo OH OH Male
Green, Anthony NE NE Male
green, davina AR AR Female
Green, Dayvon NY NY Male
Green, Harlin CT CT Male
Green, James UT UT Male
Green, James MI PA Male
Green, James IN MI Male
Green, Jerald CA CA Male
Green, Joey IN KY Male
Green, Jon-Paul AZ AZ Male
Green , Leon MD MD Male
Green, Michael VA VA Male
Green, Robert CA CA Male
Green, Ronny AR MO Male
Green, Tony KS WA Male
Green, Travis TX TX Male
Green, Jr., Mitchell MO CA Male
Greene, Christopher TN TN Male
Greene, Craig FL FL Male
Greene, Keith NC NC Male
Greene, Maxine NC NC Female
Greene, Michael SC SC Male
Greene, Thelbert GA GA Male
greene, tito NY FL Male
Greenenwald, Justin IL IL Male
Greenfield, Kandace WV WV Female
Greenspon, Benjamin CA CA Male
Greenwood, Frank CO CO Male
Greer, Benjamin GA GA Male
Greer, Christopher CA CA Male
Greer, Corian KS MO Male
Greer, Danny LA LA Male
Greer, Glenn AZ AZ Male
Greer, Maurice OH OH Male
Greer, Maurice OH OH Male
Greer, Maurice OH OH Male
Greer, Maurice OH OH Male
Greer, Maurice OH OH Male
Greer, Maurice OH OH Male
Greer, Maurice OH OH Male
Gregory, Anthony VA VA Male
Gregory, Daniel AR CA Male
Gregory, Daniel AR CA Male
Gregory, Gary CA CA Male
Gregory, Keith TX TX Male
gregory, kenneth MS MS Male
Gregory, Leron OH OH Male
Gregory, Michael SC SC Male
Gregory, Tony TX TX Male
Grelik, Matthew NY NY Male
Gresham, James CA CA Male
Gresham, Randall KS KS Male
Gretiallat, Rob IA IA Male
greuber jr, darren UT UT Male
Grier, Deon PA PA Male
Griffin, Anthony KS TN Male
griffin, elliott CA CA Male
Griffin, Gary OR CA Male
Griffin, Geoffrey IL IL Male
Griffin, Gideon CA CA Male
Griffin, Grayson TX TX Male
Griffin, Michael SC SC Male
Griffin, Nevin MI MI Male
Griffin, Patrick NY NY Male
griffin, shelton WV 0 Male
Griffin, Shilo UT UT Female
Griffin, Stacy OR OR Female
Griffin, Tamecka NE NE Female
Griffin, Teran MI MI Male
Griffin, tyrinna CA CA Female
Griffith, David OH OH Male
Griffith, Michael NM NM Male
Griffith, Ryan IN IN Male
Griffiths, Kay ID ID Male
griffiths, patrick WA WA Male
Griggs, Cory CA CA Male
griggs, rocky WI 0 Male
griggs, rocky WI 0 Male
griggs, rocky WI 0 Male
Grigsby, Philip AZ KS Male
Grimes, Isaac CO CO Male
Grimes, James LA 0 Male
Grimes, Steven FL FL Male
Grimm, George MO MO Male
Groat, Steve IL IL Male
Groat, Steven AZ AZ Male
Grodek , Christopher OH OH Male
Grodek , Christopher OH OH Male
Gromes, Shawn NY PA Male
Gronski, Jeff MI MI Male
Grontkowski, Stanley FL FL Male
Gross, Truman AR AR Male
Grote, Darrick AZ AZ Male
Grow, Arthur CA CA Male
Gudgel, Jimmy TX TX Male
Gudino, Francisco TX TX Male
Guerreo, Micheal CA CA Male
Guerrero, Enrique UT UT Male
Guerrero, Leonardo CA Male
Guerrero, Mario FL FL Male
Guerrero, Raul NM CA Male
Guevara, Humberto TX TX Male
Guevara, James TX TX Male
guevara, jose TX TX Male
Guffey, Douglas MI MI Male
Guido, Anthony NY NJ Male
Guidry, Darrell LA LA Male
Guidry, Dwaun TX TX Male
Guiley, Dean OR OR Male
Guillen, Salvador CA CA Male
Guillen, Saul GA GA Male
Guillory, Leeroy TX TX Male
Guin, Richard WA WA Male
Guishard, Kevin IL Male
Gullett, Robert OH OH Male
gulley, kathyrn AR AR Female
Gumfory, Donny TX TX Male
Gump, Richard MI MI Male
Gump, Richard MI MI Male
gunhammer, raymond SD SD Male
Gunn, Gregory FL FL Male
Gunn, Robert KY OH Male
gunn, victor AL AL Male
Gunnell, James CA MO Male
Gunter, Jonathan TX TX Male
Gunter, Robert IL IL Male
Gunther, Joshua UT UT Male
Gurley, Robert MI MI Male
Gussler, Montie KY KY Male
Guth, Jess NV NV Male
Guthridge, Cindy PA PA Female
Guthrie, Marc CA CA Male
Guthrie, Marc CA CA Male
Gutierres, Noah TX OK Male
Gutierrez, Brian CA CA Male
Gutierrez, Jose AZ AZ Male
Gutierrez, Perla OR CA Male
Gutierrez, Raul TX TX Male
Gutierrez Jr , John Adam TX TX Male
Gutridge, Anthony PA PA Male
Guy, Edward TN TN Male
Guy, James AR AR Male
Guy, Jamesetta CA CA Female
guynn, robert MI MI Male
Guyton, Gregory AL AL Male
Guzman, Andrew CA CA Male
Guzman, Anthony CA CA Male
guzman, edgardo WI WI Male
Guzman, Felipe delacruz TX OK Male
Guzman, Raul WV NM Male
Guzman, Robert TX TX Male
Guzman, Sebastian PA PA Male
guzman, sergio FL NY Male
Guzman, Steve CA CA Male
Gwin, Jermaine TN TN Male
Gwinn, Ernest IL IL Male

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