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Pen Pal Ad
41 year old Male                 DOB: 02/10/1974
   Expected Release Date:
Please write to me at my Prison address listed at the bottom of my ad.
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 Seeking Mature Woman 
        ages 25 to 70. . .

I’m interested in a very beautiful woman!  However the beauty I’m referring to is your INNER beauty because that is what’s loved, respected, cherished, appreciated, and admired. . .

I’m willing to be as open and honest as you expect and deserve as long as I can get the same from you in return. 

Friendship or any other type of relationship is based on being open, honest, respectful, loyalty, communications and, most of all, hard work.  I am willing to put all of that into something productive.  With time I would love to watch our relationship blossom and grow into something very beautiful and meaningful.

I’m sure that we can learn a lot from each other and at the same time grow together.  With time I would love for you to open up to me and allow me into your mind and heart.

Some of the things I enjoy include the sweet smell of perfume, body oils, incense, children, a beautiful smile and dimples.

Some of the things I dislike are bad breath, liars, cats, loud and obnoxious people.

How does a late night full body massage with “Maxwell” or “R. Kelly” playing in the background sound to you?  Unfortunately that will have to wait.  But for now let’s stimulate each other’s minds and emotions.  In time we can stimulate the body!!!

You’ll find that I am very spontaneous, adventurous, affectionate, patient, educated, understanding, and considerate.

“If” you want to correspond with a mature, 5'9", sincere, heterosexual man, WRITE ME!  I would love to hear from you.


This inmate has requested NOT TO WRITE HIM.

Rahim wrote in his letter to us, "I found a wonderful woman!   THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of your outstanding Internet services."

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Prison Address:
# 16037-058 / *
USP Atlanta - Federal
P.O. Box 150160
Atlanta, GA 30315

Greenville,  SC 

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