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Pen Pal Ad
42 year old Male                 DOB: 12/14/1972
   Expected Release Date:
Please write to me at my Prison address listed at the bottom of my ad.
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Tips on writing this prisoner

Inspiring Guitarist

Hello, and thank you for visiting me.

Ever feel the need to offer an escape for someone from the monotony of prison life?  Want to brighten someone’s day? 

I’m seeking correspondence with the intentions of sharing some of myself while learning a little about you.  I judge others as I want to be judged. I see no color nor discriminate on appearance or beliefs.  I avoid classifying myself as a criminal.  I’m just a man who made a mistake!

I’ve learned that we all fall short of perfection.  I long for new healthy relationships with people outside prison to ease my eventual transition back to society.
It’s not easy for an outdoor enthusiast like myself to be fenced in. I’m looking for an honest open-minded person who shares my love of nature, animals and music. 

As an inspiring guitarist, I look for the same versatility and dedication in a friend as I find in my pursuit of music. I have plenty of time to offer for friendship and understanding. 

I’m not able to be a physical presence in your life right now, but I can still be a caring compassionate friend.  Interested?  If so please send a picture and a brief profile of yourself.



Write this inmate directly at their Prison address.
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Prison Address:
# 13387617 /
Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution (EOCI)
2500 Westgate
Pendleton, OR 97801-9699

,  OR 

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