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The Death Penalty;
Another Form Of Ethnic Cleansing.

Death Row Inmate

Blacks make up 45% of the jail and prison population,
yet only make up 12% of the total U.S. population.


As a prisoner on Death Row here in Ohio for a crime I did not commit, I wonder if I will ever be as lucky as Anthony Porter, who served 16 years before he was freed from Death Row and his name was cleared.

With more and more Black men being wrongly convicted and placed in prisons and on Death Row, only to find out that many of these men NEVER COMMITTED THE CRIME, we have to ask ourselves, "what type of legal system is this that would place innocent men on Death Row? How is this happening? Better yet WHY is it happening in America?

How many innocent men have been put to death who never had the chance to clear their names, and in death never will? The United States claims to be the greatest nation on Earth, yet it has an even greater claim that is recognized all over the world. THIS COUNTRY is the ONLY INDUSTRIALIZED NATION ON EARTH that continues to murder it's own people.

In this country more prisons are being built than schools or jobs. In this country the Black man is a target for any and every crime committed, and if he didn't do it, he might as well have. When it comes down to it, who better to kill than a Black man? The justice department has reported that black men are six times more likely to be imprisoned than whites. Blacks make up 45% of the jail and prison population, yet, when you understand that blacks only make up 12% of the total U.S. population you realize that something is dead wrong with this system.

What is the fuel which keeps this system of legalized murder alive in America; cloaked under the MASK of JUSTICE AND KNOWN AS THE DEATH PENALTY? Is that fuel the RACISM, PREJUDICE AND REVENGE in the country, with the HOOD OF JUSTICE pulled firmly down over their heads, which continues to send innocent black men to Death Rows across this nation?

As a black man on Death Row, I have seen the system at work for the last 18 years up close. In that time I have not seen one black man win his freedom from death row in Ohio. Those African Americans who have been released into the general population due to errors which occurred, during trial or on appeal, must still deal with the fact that they will die in prison. Only recently has DNA testing afforded wrongly convicted men a way out of prison. But, DNA testing won't free other men who are just as innocent, and who are still trapped in prison. So, I can only conclude from this and the relationship between this country and African Americans and other minorities is that the Death Penalty is another form of ethnic cleansing from which the United States has been firmly built. This has been a way of life in this country since the NINA, PINA and the SANTA-MARIA landed on her shores. Native Americans and African Americans have always been under a death penalty in this country! So it is fair to say that this country has a history of killing innocent men, women and children, their only indictment being the color of their skin.

If the people of this country would like to see a good execution, why don't they take a body bag and fill it with all the racism, and hatred and prejudice and revenge in this world and kill that. Maybe after seeing so much evil put to death, the desire to see other human beings murdered will cease.

The DEATH PENALTY is wrong regardless of Race or Color and the people who understand this must continue to speak up and help educate others so that they, too, can speak up. At this moment there are 3,711 people on death row in America, 203 of them in the State of Ohio. Since the reinstatement of capital punishment there have been 749 executions too many in this country. 100 innocent persons in 22 States have been released from death row, 12 of those based on DNA testing, you would think that was more than enough innocent men and women to make the leaders of this country realize that there is something wrong with this system and it should be stopped now.

When the rest of the world grows tired of standing by and watching as the ethnic cleansing continues in this country you will wonder to yourself, "who will lead NATO to save us?"

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