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Walla Walla's Suppression of
Religious Freedom

Submitted By: Myra Jackson

A horrifying Washington DOC Breeds Home Grown Terrorist Employees.
Written by a correspondent inside Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla


Here in the solitary confinement "Intensive Management Unit" (IMU) at Washington State Penitentiary (WSP) at Walla Walla, Washington, we who are devotees and practitioners of the religion called Asatru are being deprived of our religious medallions ("Thor's Hammers"). These medallions are as sacred to most Asatru practitioners as are the medicine bag for some Native American religions or the crucifix for some Christians, and so on. Native American, Christian and other religions are allowed to have their sacred objects -- but we are not.

Nor can we have access -- as others can -- to catalogs from which to buy books on our religion. Why?  Because WSP, for its own devious reasons, falsely classifies our Asatru religion -- as a gang! WSP employees CUS Chris Bowman and CPM Ron Knight are the two main state employees that are denying Asatru members our religious medallions. Also, Chaplain Ron Willhite, who has catalogs with Asatru books, will not loan them to us, nor will he make photocopies and distribute them to members of Asatru so we can study our religion. There is plenty of money in our Inmate Betterment Fund, and about once a month he buys religious supplies for the Christian groups, but Chaplain Willhite will not take even a few dollars from the fund in order to get a few books for IMU Asatru believers to study. Even worse, Chaplain Willhite recklessly stigmatizes and slanders our Asatru religion as "devil worship," etc. (Unlike Christianity, Asatru does not even have a "devil" concept in its cosmology!)


Please visit the "Ghetto of The Spirit" http://www.webspawner.com/users/wellofremembrance in order to get the fascinating and inspiring TRUE story of Asatru. There are several web pages there devoted to scholarly descriptions and explanations of our Asatru beliefs and history -- as well as of other religions.


As explained above, these three -- Bowman, Knight and Willhite -- are violating our freedom of religion and practice. Also, Asatru believers are being written up for using such words as "Aryan" in letters, and are being falsely stigmatized as racists! Asatru is a modern version of a widespread religion practiced for millennia in much of Europe before the coming of Christianity, and is now having a worldwide renascence. It has been, and is presently being twisted and exploited by fascists, just like virtually every other faith is, and has been, throughout history: gruesomely distorted and used by demagogues and demagogic governments for their own non-spiritual, political machinations. The Crusades and the Inquisitions are but two of the better known examples of this. Present day acts of terrorism are being perpetrated by groups and governments who claim to be doing it in the name of their religion: whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist -- you name it.


Similar terrorist tactics are widely utilized right here in the USA:  nearly every state's DOC (Department of Corrections) as well as the USBOP (US Bureau of Prisons) are pitting races and religions against one another in their totally misguided and disastrous -- not to mention immoral and illegal -- "management" practices: DIVISA ET EMPERA (divide and rule.) Instead of the civilized and effective management of prisons found in most other industrialized countries, these highly paid "professional" DOC officials not only condone, but often mandate these bestial "management" techniques -- summed up centuries ago by Machiavellian: A ruler need not fear that his subjects hate him, so long as they also hate each other.

Add to the above the ever-present threats, and actuality, of guard cliques' (such as Bowman and Knight & company) brutal beatings, poisoning and adulteration of food with saliva, feces, metal filings and other things, life-threatening manipulations of temperature, indiscriminate life-threatening use of gas and chemicals, and so on ad infinitum -- and the DOC reveals itself to be a murderous TERRORIST STATE WITHIN A STATE, lavishly supported by Washington's unsuspecting taxpayers.

Along with manipulating inmate on inmate extortion, assault rape and murder, and the manipulation of gangs -- this pretty much describes the ACTUAL (as opposed to the stated) "penological objectives" at WSP -- and at the hundreds of other "WSPs" all across the land. (Last year the government of Norway discontinued extraditions to the US, citing such barbaric conditions condoned in US prisons.

Please consider sending this plea for freedom of religion and freedom from terrorism to your Washington state senator and representative and governor, and to any other person who might be helpful in remedying this horrific state of affairs. ADMISSIBILITY OF RELIGIOUS LITERATURE AND PARPHERNALIA MUST BE DETERMINED ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS ACCORDING TO REGULATIONS: NOT ARBITRARILY BY ILL INFORMED AND/OR BIGOTED EMPLOYEES!

Gina Alvarez
Christmas Town Communications
215 B Arcadia Ave
Shelton, WA 98584-1603

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